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January 2013

rehearsal journal #10

By |January 8th, 2013|

January 7th 2013

Countdown to first audience: t-minus 2 days

Today was absolutely amazing, we were called at 3:30 and shortly thereafter, we began finishing last night’s Q 2 Q. that was fairly uneventful and by 6:00, we were supposed to go get into hair, makeup and costume in order to begin our first dress rehearsal for Annie. Since […]

rehearsal journal #9

By |January 8th, 2013|

January 6th 2013

Countdown to first audience: t-minus 3 days

Today we had Q 2 Q and we only got through most of act one. It went fairly smoothly because of all of the help we are getting from the wonderful volunteers who have helped us throughout the process.  Many of the girls were called at 1 o’clock […]

rehearsal journal #8

By |January 6th, 2013|

January 5th 2013

Countdown to first audience: t-minus 4 days

Wow, I can’t believe we’re almost there!

Today we took a small step back, having our last rehearsal at the old theatre. Before rehearsal this morning, a few of the boys got their hair cut and they look absolutely smashing if I do say so myself. The girls turn is […]

rehearsal journal #7

By |January 5th, 2013|

January 4th 2013

Countdown to first audience: t-minus 5 days

Today was our first day in the Chilliwack Cultural Centre. The movement into this new
building involves a great increase of responsibility for all of us. We now have to be
responsible for making sure all of our props and costumes and appropriately placed at
the beginning of each show […]

rehearsal journal #6

By |January 4th, 2013|

January 3rd 2012

Countdown to first audience: t-minus 6 days

Wow, I am so psyched for the show; we’re really in crunch time now. One of the hardest parts of this part of the process is not allowing oneself to just go through the motions. If this happens, one will find that the scene is almost finished and none […]

rehearsal journal #5

By |January 3rd, 2013|

02 January 2013

One week from today is our first performance with an audience, yay!

Today, our warm-up was again led by four students (Hannah, Kathryn, Jonathan and Olivia). The dance
portion consisted of stretching, core strength exercises and finally, working through some trouble spots
in different dances. We completed our warm-up by doing vocal exercises around the piano.

After […]

rehearsal journal #4

By |January 1st, 2013|

01 January 2013

Before I begin talking about the show, I would like to say happy New Year!

Anyways, we’re now really getting into crunch time. One week from tomorrow is our first performance with an audience. Oh my! I don’t mean to worry you by saying this. We’re very well prepared to perform, the instructors have […]

rehearsal journal #3

By |January 1st, 2013|

31 Dec 2012

Today was another good day at the theatre. Our warm-up was led by four Mainstage students. Hannah deNevers and Kathryn Harder led us in a dance warm-up consisting of stretching followed by some exercises to get our blood pumping. After that, when we went over to the piano, Jonathan Woyke and Olivia Simpson […]

December 2012

rehearsal journal #2

By |December 31st, 2012|

30 Dec 2012:

Because it was so nice out today, we went for a run outside for warm-up. The sky was pale robin’s egg blue and it was the perfect weather for running.

When we got into the banquet hall, (we’re rehearsing in there instead of on the stage because the Chilliwack Victory Church, the group that […]

rehearsal journal #1

By |December 31st, 2012|

29 Dec 2012:

Our rehearsal for CSOPA’s mainstage production of Annie began this morning with a wonderful warm- up, we did a ten minute run to get our heart rates up, and then we completed our warm-up with an ab workout. I love these warm-ups because they have allowed me to become infinitely more fit, and […]