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Who We Are and Why We Do What We Do

CSOPA is a non-profit, pre-professional youth theatre company. Non-profit means that we are a registered charity. We work hard to keep tuition low, and in order to do that we rely on the generosity of grants, sponsors, and fundraising. Without that support our tuition would be three times what it is. Pre-professional means that we work hard to ensure that the education that our students receive is in line with the priorities and expectations of the professional theatre community. we hold our students to a high standard of excellence, and we focus on building the skills and a foundation of professionalism in performance and practice that will carry our students through life, whether they continue on in theatre or pursue other goals.

Why Study the Theatre Arts?

Theatre is the study of life. Our students are charged with the responsibility of telling someone else’s story or honoring and understanding a life and a reality that is not their own. These skills, these abilities, develop a kindness and a flexibility that creates better citizens in our world. With that kind of thinking, it seems difficult to understand why theatre and the arts is not more of a priority in our society. Theatre is a team sport. The show doesn’t happen without the commitment and dedication of all involved working together toward a common goal.

Studies show that theatre has a positive impact on a student’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. We get to see their development first-hand over the course of the year the subtle changes and benefits to our students that are not evident in the final performance. The end goal is a show, but if we focus on that alone we miss the journey. A theatre education isn’t just about talent, the number of lines, or the amount of stage time a person has. Hard work, team work, resilience, and a positive attitude are all better indicators of success in the world. The same applies in theatre. An education in theatre builds self-confidence, communication and problem solving skills. It allows students to develop self-discipline, social awareness and aesthetic appreciation. Over the years we have seen countless examples of improved concentration, memory, relaxation, trust and empathy. We have watched student fight through learning challenges, improve their reading skills, speech and focus, all because they have found something that makes them want to fight through the hard.

What is the parent commitment to be involved?

The best way for parents to be involved is to support their child by ensuring they arrive on time to rehearsals and that absences are rare. As well, reminding the student to look at their script and listen to their music throughout the week and to bring their supplies to class each week. (dance footwear, water bottle, script, pencil)

We depend on and appreciate our parent volunteers throughout the year. We do ask that all parents volunteer time over the course of the year especially during fundraising events. We have amazing fundraising situations that are so much fun to be a part of! For our shows, we provide all costumes, set and props but we occasionally need help making or finding pieces. During a performance run, there are also opportunities for parents to be involved “in-house” to assist with tickets, promotion, our Opening Night Gala party and more! It’s simply a fantastic opportunity to see first-hand the incredible moments your child is experiencing with CSOPA, as well having the chance to become a part of CSOPA with other families!