The Velveteen Rabbit ~ Racheal Arnold

CSOPA is a non-profit, youth theatre arts studio offering training and performance opportunities in theatre and musical theatre for ages 5-24.

We acknowledge and support that engagement and success looks different for each student, and our faculty prioritizes keeping their teaching style, activities, and goals flexible to the needs of our students.

We have high expectations of our students. Pre-Professional means that students will be challenged to expand their skill set in a disciplined and technique-driven atmosphere. Students are expected to demonstrate a high level of commitment and independence and will be held to a high standard for focus, work ethic, attendance, and punctuality. All classes will have age-appropriate required homework between classes, such as memorizing lines and lyrics, reviewing choreography, doing independent research, reading articles and scripts.

CSOPA is a registered charity, governed by a volunteer board of directors.

Why participate in theatre arts?

There are many benefits of participating in theatre that will help in whatever life path is chosen. When creativity can flourish it often follows that academics improve and self-esteem develops.

  • Mindfulness:  Becoming aware of your surroundings, your co-performers and the audience
  • Diversity:  Putting aside differences, shedding inhibitions and performing as one while helping each other
  • Sustainability: Making use of limited resources
  • Compassion:  Put yourself in others shoes and empathize with them
  • Ethics: If we are true to ourselves, then only can we be  true to our values and to others
  • Teamwork: To be more confident, expressive and comfortable. Without trust you can never realize the true potential of what you as a team are capable of doing.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Express and negotiate the differences in opinions with composure; ability to use the entire body to communicate.

Collaboration is not the act of creating without conflict. It is the act of creating something in spite of our differences.