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Written by Hannah deNevers (Morticia)

January 3, 2015

Today was our second sitzprobe, which was totally awesome. Of course there were the little bumps in the road. As Andrew called it ‘Deer in the headlights look’ when a song didn’t sound exactly like the rehearsal track which I was very guilty. Other than it was wonderful.

There is just something about live music, real music being played really loud it’s one of my favorite things ever. We did our regular run and ab workout. But this time the ab workout was you choose a partner and one partner does one minute of the set and then they switch, meanwhile the other person in the partnership is yelling and cheering them on. I didn’t describe that very well but it was really fun, and lemme tell you I’m sore.

Today was a makeup test day for the Grandma’s (rocking the blacked out tooth and old age makeup), Lurch with his prosthetics (so awesome I can’t even tell you) and a couple of the ancestors got tested on today too. I’M SO EXCITED! There was a lot happening and going on today. Wonderful chaos. School is starting again in two days..? I think… I think I can speak for the collective cast and say not a lot of people are excited to go back but hey, it just means that we are soooo close to show time. So. Tomorrow is Sunday and we are running through dances with the orchestra which I am STOKED for. So I’m going to get some sleep and drink some tea and we will see you all again tomorrow!

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