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Written by Hannah deNevers (Morticia)

Jan 4, 2015

So today was super rad and really interesting because we did our first run through of all the dances with the orchestra. Of course there were some bumps in the road. But we ran everything from the bug tap number, to the tango, the salsa (sorta) style dance (secrets). And all the numbers in between. I love the dance numbers this year. Of course every year the dances are super awesome but this year the shoe required so many different styles of dances. SO, with Shelley (our choreographer) sorta leading the day we ran dances and adapting to the new sounds of the band. Our energy was really stellar today. We have our first day of school tomorrow, which I don’t think anyone is looking forward to.

Tomorrow is hair day! So everyone get ready to dye cut and style your hair! I’M SO EXCITED!!!


Jan 5, 2015

Today was our first back to school and sorta regular life. Today when I would chat with people about their Christmas break and they would tell me that they slept, ate a lot and did a lot of nothing. When they would ask me I would tell them that I had rehearsals everyday from 9-6. With workouts in the morning and practicing dances an songs and everything in between for all that time. They all looked at me like I was out of my mind. But of course I don’t think they’ll ever understand that it’s really the best thing ever.

So today was a hair day. Most of the girls got their hair dyed black and most of the boys got specialty hair cuts. They all look awesome. Since my hair was so dark already there isn’t much of a change, but with some wooo it’ different but it looks soooo good. We are moving into the cultural centre so soon aaahhh!


Jan 6, 2015

The second day of being back to school (for those of us who did go to school today), some of my fellow cast-mates were just too tired and opted for a home day. I did attend school today. I was sleepy and a little cranky but nothing coffee cant fix. School was pretty decent. And right after the bell rings for school t be let out I and a couple other cast mates hurry to CSOPA to make our 3:30 call. The cast and directors prepare themselves for a run around the block. WE did our stretching and normal warm up activities.

We are constantly reminded that we need to be in the scene, in the moment and to just let yourself go. Personally, it takes a lot to just let go. I am constantly trying to be in the scene and just in the moment. But hey, that’s wonderful theatre.

After another fab rehearsal, I quickly stopped at the cultural center. I. cant. wait. Honestly even being in there again, feeling the energy and seeing the building, having it smell the same and the colors. It made me so nervous but so so excited.

So with that I leave you. We will all be back at it tomorrow. YAY!

Joke of the day: what do you call a pile of kittens..? A MEOWntain. -Kirsten


Jan 7, 2015


Honestly, where did the time go? It was September I swear to god yesterday. We have an audience in one week. Im only freaking out a little as I type this 10000 miles per hour. Today the set was moved in and began to get set up. So, all the major set pieces like the house and the grotto and doors and such. All moved in today and began to get set up. Things are very quickly coming together.

I will be completely honest, today was not the best day for me. I let my tiredness and stress of the day affect my performance which is a big no no. Andrew likes to tell us about this Olympic swimmer that won a gold medal in swimming (not sure the specifics… can you tell I don’t know ANYTHING about sports..? ) but this swimmer was able to mentally get himself up for his race and focus enough to win. I like this little thing because he was probably terrified but he put himself in the right mind set. To win at you scene you must leave all your stuff at the door. Im still working on this. (note from Andrew: it was MARK TEWKSBURY when he won gold for Canada in the 100m backstroke at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. Check it out).

We did our first run of the show with our wonderful orchestra. It went super welly making new discoveries everyday, working on your matirial is a good good feeling. Keep working and pushing.


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