Written by Hannah DeNevers (Morticia)

December 22, 2014

The start of the wonderfulness!

This year CSOPA (or better known as Chilliwack school of the performing arts) has taken on the incredible musical that is.. *drum roll* The Addams Family!

We have been rehearsing since September, which was 3 days a week. Once we moved into October and November, it was 4 days a week. Now Christmas break has begun and we are now rehearsing everyday, usually from 9am to 6pm!

We all arrive at CSOPA around 8:50 (or try really hard to) and we get our tap shoes on and begin our one hour of tap practice. Once that is done we go on our run. Which is once around the block and a couple set of stairs and back to the building for around half an hour of stretching, yoga and abs. Once we are done this everyone is usually red in the face and gasping for air, but it is worth it. By this time we go right into scene work and running dances over and over. Working detail by detail. Pointed toes and lightning bolts through your fingers!!

I’m making it seem really hard and rigorous. And it totally is. But it is the most rewarding experience ever.

  • We get physically and mentally fit.
  • You’ll learn to do things that you never knew you could do.
  • You will meet the best people forever that (for me) have become my best friends.
  • You get to learn the process of putting on a show of that scale.
  • You get to show people that we aren’t just a bunch of kids 😉

So, every morning. Bright and early. We will dance and work out and sing and act our butts off.
This blog will be updated everyday from the perspective of a CSOPA student. Telling the dark tales of

…The Addams Family…