Written by Hannah deNevers (Morticia)

December 27, 2014

Our first day back to rehearsal after our Christmas break. We had 4 days off.  I can’t speak for everybody. But my body is feeling the ‘Tango Tangles’, which is my little thing for how my body feels after doing The Tango. I’m sore for days but it is sooooo worth it. It’s one of themost fun things I’ve ever done.

Our first day back all of the cast arriving at 8:45 (or tried really hard to). Caylen and I spent the first hour of the day practicing the tango. Always working on our posture, our facial expressions, I always have to make sure I’M not leading. So so many things to think about, but so fun. As that hour and a bit we worked on the tango came to a close the cast joined together to do some well needed cardio. After that was over and all of us gasping for air, our scene work started. Practice practice practice.

Today was great for me because it felt like I hadn’t been back in months (reality is CSOPA is Hannah‘s whole life and she was becoming a little antsy without it…) I was so excited to be back. Four days seemed like four months. So world, CSOPA is back at it, going full speed ahead.

So another day done. Tomorrow we do it all again and it’ll be totally awesome.