Written by Hannah deNevers (Morticia)

December 29, 2014

Our first stumble through today! A stumble through is when we work through every scene from the beginning of the show to the end in order as if it’s a real show, but there are always a lot of stops and starts and that’s ok. Today was our first stumble though and we did really stumble a couple times but totally cool because I thought it was super fun and I always feel a lot better when I know what I specifically know what I need to work on.

Today we had one of CSOPA’s older graduated students come and visit us from Toronto where she is studying musical theatre at Randolph Academy. It was wonderful to see Brittany!

So, as our usual morning commenced, our morning run, stretching, yoga and abb workouts (today each set was two minutes…ouch..) and practicing dances we were all reminded that we are a family and families are a little hard sometimes but that’s why we love them. So, with that said Tomorrow another day of everything all over again and it will be wonderful/can’t wait!!!!

Hannah Denevers (Morticia Addams)