30 Dec 2012:

Because it was so nice out today, we went for a run outside for warm-up. The sky was pale robin’s egg blue and it was the perfect weather for running.

When we got into the banquet hall, (we’re rehearsing in there instead of on the stage because the Chilliwack Victory Church, the group that owns the theatre, has need of the stage and house areas) we did the remainder of our warm-up, mostly stretching, accompanied by Andrew’s iTunes library and the colourful lights that the school recently acquired.

Once warm-up was completed, we got set for our second run-through of Annie of the year. We checked our props, gathered our rehearsal costumes and quickly went over our lines and blocking before beginning the run.

Prop: an object used in a scene by the actors performing in a play or film.

We had a few technical difficulties at the start, but that is to be expected on the second run and all in all, the run didn’t go too badly. At the end, Andrew even praised us on our performance.

Once we had finished singing the last note of the finale, and the imaginary curtain had dropped, we set our props back on the prop tables, and headed downstairs to tidy our space before settling in to receive notes from the instructors. Completing notes didn’t take too much time, and soon I found that we had finished, I had signed out and I was ready to go.