January 5th 2013


Countdown to first audience: t-minus 4 days

Wow, I can’t believe we’re almost there!

Today we took a small step back, having our last rehearsal at the old theatre. Before rehearsal this morning, a few of the boys got their hair cut and they look absolutely smashing if I do say so myself. The girls turn is on Tuesday and I actually can’t wait; it’s so exciting. When we first got to rehearsal today, we went through all of Andrew’s notes from Thursday, and then we went upstairs to the banquet hall to do warm up. After that, we worked through a few songs and dances, doing them at double speed just for fun. Finally, we did a run through of the show.

At the end, during notes, Andrew commented that this was the best run-through we have
done yet! Yay! Although, I’m sure that we have room to improve and that we will do so before opening night. This part of the process is the most stressful and tedious one. The week before opening night always seems to drag by. The rehearsals feel much longer and we get much more tired. In the end though, this week will be worth it.

Tomorrow is Q 2 Q and that will be the longest rehearsal of the year. I excited to be able to spend lots of time with the wonderful cast, my friends.