January 6th 2013


Countdown to first audience: t-minus 3 days

Today we had Q 2 Q and we only got through most of act one. It went fairly smoothly because of all of the help we are getting from the wonderful volunteers who have helped us throughout the process.  Many of the girls were called at 1 o’clock today so that the ladies that will be doing our hair for the show could practice and figure out our hairstyles. A stylist from Abbotsford also volunteered to be there in order to instruct the other volunteers and to fit us with hair pieces.

When that was finished, the rest of the cast had arrived at the theatre. Lisa Braun, the stage manager, gathered us all in the green room and gave us one of her now-famous pep talks before releasing us to set our props and get on our microphones. A few of the cast members had never worn a microphone before, so it was exciting for them to be getting that opportunity and they were buzzing around backstage excitedly once they got them on.

Eventually, we began working through the tech cues for Annie starting from the beginning of the show.

Q 2 Q: a technical rehearsal used while rehearsing a play or musical, usually held right before the dress rehearsal, that allows the technical crew of the show to work out lighting, sound and scene changes.

I took us a while to get started and we actors had a lot of down time, but this rehearsal was necessary in order for the show to run smoothly.

We only got to the end of act one with Q 2 Q today, so I assume we will continue it tomorrow.