31 Dec 2012


Today was another good day at the theatre. Our warm-up was led by four Mainstage students. Hannah deNevers and Kathryn Harder led us in a dance warm-up consisting of stretching followed by some exercises to get our blood pumping. After that, when we went over to the piano, Jonathan Woyke and Olivia Simpson led us in a vocal warm-up.

When that was done, the directors worked through a few trouble spots from yesterday’s run-through while the rest of the cast that was not needed worked on lines, dances and songs in other parts of the building.

Next, it was time to prepare for the wandelprobe.

Wandelprobe: A rehearsal used in musical theatre where actors, the orchestra, and blocking come together for the first time. Essentially, a wandelprobe is a sitzprobe with movement.

Once we had set our props, we began working through the wandelprobe. Essentially, that means that we went through each song singing and dancing with the orchestra. At times, it was hard for the conductor to hear us considering that we weren’t wearing any mics. So, we repositioned ourselves to face the orchestra and carried on.

After we had gone through all of the songs, we tidied up the rehearsal space, and then went downstairs to clean up the greenroom.

On the whole, today’s rehearsal was very productive.