01 January 2013

Before I begin talking about the show, I would like to say happy New Year!

Anyways, we’re now really getting into crunch time. One week from tomorrow is our first performance with an audience. Oh my! I don’t mean to worry you by saying this. We’re very well prepared to perform, the instructors have taught us well; we know our lines, songs, and dances and we’re almost as ready as we’ll ever be.

Anyways, back to what we did today. It was a fairly uneventful rehearsal consisting of a little bit of time spent working through some scenes, a run through of the show, and notes.

We had no official warm-up today, but the stage manager, Lisa Braun, instructed us to warm up by “walking and singing.”

Stage manager: the person who serves as overall supervisor of the stage and actors in a musical.

When we got upstairs to the banquet hall Shelley Wojcik, the choreographer of Annie, fixed a few dance moves in the finale and Andrew went through the previous scene, helping us examine our motives and intentions. He explained a technique for making one’s intentions in a scene clear to the audience. This technique involves boiling down a line or small set of lines into one action that the actor can portray with those words.

Ie. If someone’s line was “Are you alright dear?” the action could be giving a big hug. The action all depends on the character’s feeling about the scene and the scene partner in general.

Scene partner(s): the person to whom an actor’s energy and/or lines are directed towards in a scene

Then, it was time to set our props and start the run-through of the show. The entire run took approximately two hours and in my opinion, went better than expected.

The show is almost upon us! I am so excited!