02 January 2013


One week from today is our first performance with an audience, yay!

Today, our warm-up was again led by four students (Hannah, Kathryn, Jonathan and Olivia). The dance
portion consisted of stretching, core strength exercises and finally, working through some trouble spots
in different dances. We completed our warm-up by doing vocal exercises around the piano.

After that, the schedule got more complex. Each instructor’s time was divided up into small 15 – 30
minute sections and each section was used to work with a specific person or small group of people.
When I wasn’t needed, I went through the notes that we were given yesterday, highlighting the ones
that pertained to me, and worked on them in a quiet space.

This afternoon, we worked again with the orchestra; having 98% of the members there was great and
the run through went well. We ran through the whole show, pausing for a ten minute intermission in
the middle. Another noteworthy detail about the run through is that many of the volunteers who will be
working backstage on Annie attended today’s rehearsal in order to get a feel for the show and the order
of events.

From what I hear, our set was being loaded into the Chilliwack Cultural Center today. I wasn’t there
since I was rather busy rehearsing, but from what I hear, all went smoothly.

Our first rehearsal in the cultural center is on Friday and I’m super psyched for that!