January 4th 2013


Countdown to first audience: t-minus 5 days

Today was our first day in the Chilliwack Cultural Centre. The movement into this new
building involves a great increase of responsibility for all of us. We now have to be
responsible for making sure all of our props and costumes and appropriately placed at
the beginning of each show without being reminded a million times. We also need to
keep our sections in the dressing rooms and the green room tidy.

In previous years, we have had a competition –boys vs. girls- in which we see which
gender is able to keep their dressing room the tidiest. This has seldom worked in the
females favour because our costumes are much more likely to include feathers, sequins
and glitter, things that are difficult to clean up. So in order to make it fair, this year we
are making the competition run on a personal basis. Each person gets points for having
cleaned up their station, having put away their props and having hung up their costumes
properly. If they don’t do these three things, they get points knocked off. I am much
happier with this system because it will allow me to finally win this year. : )

Anyways, back to what we did. Today was a very uneventful and boring day for us
actors as we weren’t required much. The day was spent figuring out the set and the
set changes between each scene. Our set appears much simpler than it has in previous
years, but it is not as easy as it seems. Because Annie is set in so many different
locations, the set must be complex enough to allow for this. We have many pieces that
fly in and out this year and that makes the set even more interesting.

Tomorrow we are back at the old theatre to do a final run through and then on Sunday,
we will be back to the big stage for Q 2 Q.