January 2013

rehearsal journal #9

By |January 8th, 2013|

January 6th 2013

Countdown to first audience: t-minus 3 days

Today we had Q 2 Q and we only got through most of act one. It went fairly smoothly because of all of the help we are getting from the wonderful volunteers who have helped us throughout the process.  Many of the girls were called at 1 o’clock […]

rehearsal journal #8

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January 5th 2013

Countdown to first audience: t-minus 4 days

Wow, I can’t believe we’re almost there!

Today we took a small step back, having our last rehearsal at the old theatre. Before rehearsal this morning, a few of the boys got their hair cut and they look absolutely smashing if I do say so myself. The girls turn is […]

rehearsal journal #7

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January 4th 2013

Countdown to first audience: t-minus 5 days

Today was our first day in the Chilliwack Cultural Centre. The movement into this new
building involves a great increase of responsibility for all of us. We now have to be
responsible for making sure all of our props and costumes and appropriately placed at
the beginning of each show […]