January 6, 2014

First day back to school which means less hours at CSOPA which means days are a bit more boring.  Today was crazy at CSOPA though as all the other classes start up again this week.  There were parents and kids and backpacks galore. I love to see how much CSOPA has grown in the past years I have been there.  There used to be one program (mainstage) and the student body was approximately 30.  Now we have over 16 classes & programs and more than 150 students.  I find it so great to see this school, which completely made up my whole teenager life and helped shape people in positive ways, being recognized in our community.

Today was a cleaning day rehearsal from four to eight.  We worked with Shelley (choreographer) and Lisa (vocal coach) on different songs. I think one of my favourite songs to watch is Freak Flag because the fact that they’re all fairy tale creatures and you totally see their characters even without costumes.  It’s one of those songs that you can totally tell that the whole cast loves doing. And total shout out to the three pigs (Max, Sebastian and Josh) for making me laugh no matter what song or scene they are in. They’re so funny, and are always 100% in whatever they are doing.

It was definitely weird going from rehearsals all day to only going there for the night today.  We also re-choreographed “I’m a Believer” and I absolutely love it.  There’s so much energy and fun that goes into the dance.  I actually wish I could dance more like in Freak Flag or Forever or anything!  But I do love my tapping song (which is going to be epic).  Basically the whole show is full of great moments.

4 days until move in to the Cultural Centre!


Time to amp up the vitamins, tea, sleep and water.

A-game. Go.