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I’m currently eating an actual dinner right now.  And sitting.  And still slightly green.  And it’s awesome.  Super sorry I haven’t blogged in a while but I’ve been doing this weird thing called performing.  I’m in this show called… um… Shrek.  I think.  Either way it’s pretty awesome.  So I’m going to take us a little while back to opening because I haven’t written since then!

So opening night was basically awesome.  The amount of energy in both the cast and the audience was great.  We definitely had an interesting start to it though.  Andrew was about halfway through his pre-show speech when suddenly the fire alarm went off.  The first thing I thought wasn’t “oh no, the place is going to burn” but “are you freaking kidding me?  I just got into character”.  The whole cast and audience had to evacuate the building.  I definitely did not have my shoes on so was out there in bare feet and the whole audience got a preview of all the characters and costumes.  I am so thankful though to have such a great cast and audience who handled it so well.  There was no fire (thank God!) and we all got to head back in, with only a half hour delay to the starting.  After the show was the gala which was absolutely lovely.  The gala is one of my favourite things because it’s always great to see the cast go from sweat pants, no makeup and messy buns to all dolled up.  I seriously have the most attractive cast mates ever.  You all looked stunning/handsome!

Saturday’s night show had an interesting aspect to it too!  The Align Entertainment cast (our co-producing partners) came and saw it… well some of the cast members.  I know for sure there was like 8 kids choir children, Fiona, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Donkey, Dragon and some others!  It was really great to have them there and to chit chat with them after the show.  They’re all lovely people and I can’t wait to see their version of Shrek!  After talking to their cast, I got to see Chris King who was the vocal coach at CSOPA for Seussical and A Year with Frog and Toad, so that was great!

We only had one show today (hence the fact that I’m at home at the moment).  I’m not going to lie but I am SO excited to go to sleep.  I may even watch some Criminal Minds after doing my theory homework *insert excited squeals of joy*.  Tomorrow’s photocall and then we have Tuesday off!

It’s so weird to me that we only have one week left of this show.  I know a lot of people’s favourite thing about acting is once the show gets on the stage and the audience is filled with excited patrons… but I don’t agree.  I mean, I obviously love performing.  I’m hoping to make a career out of it so I better love it.  But… I don’t know how to explain it but my favourite part about being in shows is actually completely and undeniably the rehearsal period.  Like if I could only be stuck in one week for the rest of my life it would be the winter week when we have rehearsal 10-6 and not performance week.  I mean I love it all but for some reason that’s my favourite.  Maybe it’s because that’s where all the relationships with everyone are built, where you grow, where you learn new things at each rehearsal.  I really don’t know how to explain it because I barely understand it myself.  Or maybe it’s because once show week happens that means that it’s going to end soon.  Only seven more shows until closing *insert image of Brittany bawling*