January 16, 2014


First two-shows-in-one-day complete!  A morning show for schools and then our second preview night.  In between shows people were either sleeping, doing homework, eating, or just chilling.  It was nice to have a break to work on my audition material.  I think our morning show was pretty good but definitely not as good as our show tonight.  The one tonight rocked.  The energy was high, the pacing was great, the audience was responsive.  Everything just kind of clicked together… The directors apparently agreed too because we got to go home without notes, which I think is good for us but also for the directors and stage manager who deserve a good night’s sleep.  Our call time did get changed to 7:30 tomorrow though instead of 8 so we could add in a run, more warmup, and core workout before the show…. the thought of that makes me want to crawl into my onesie and sleep forever… until I wake up in my costume already dressed and performing.  There’s one difference… Brittany is not a morning person unlike Fiona… Well I mean sometimes depending if I got a good sleep.  Or if I had coffee.  But coffee really upsets my stomach lately so I can’t have it.  Wow I definitely need to stop talking about how I am in the morning because I really doubt anybody cares.

I’d like to just send a shout out to my mom for putting up with my annoyingness after shows.  After every single performance I give she sits with me for however long it takes for me to ask all my questions about the performance.  Basically for every time I’m on stage I get her to rate my singing, my acting, my facial expressions, and my dancing and then rate the entire scene out of ten.  Then I ask her favourite parts and what parts stood out that I need to improve on.  Then I get her to compare it to other shows I’ve been in and if I’ve grown and in what areas.  Then I get any criticism and any parts that she thinks were great.  Basically we’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember and I thank her dearly for putting up with that.

Tomorrow’s opening night!!!  GAH!  I definitely don’t know what to wear.  And work a bit on my audition… and shower so I’m not stinky tomorrow.  So I should probably peace out.  Cast: You did fantastic today and I’m so proud to be part of such an amazing show.

Get some sleep and see you in less than eight hours… *starts to cry as she reaches longingly for her bed*