January 7, 2014

So today was our last clean up day before run throughs with the band begin.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there as I have a class that I lose 5% with every absence and considering I’m missing four of those classes as it is for shows, Andrew let me attend today so that my mark wouldn’t sink too low.  So thank you first of all to Andrew, Shelley and Lisa for understanding that.  I did, however, still want to be able to write some what of a blog.  So I got some of the cast to send me one sentence either on how rehearsal was today, how they’re feeling about the show in general or anything else!  Here’s what they came up with:

“I feel like I got into everything the most I ever have!” – Hailey H

“I love Shrek!  Rehearsals are fun.” – Madalyn

“I love being at rehearsal.  Andrew challenges me to my best ability and makes me look really good on stage.” – Avianna

“We also worked Morning Person.  It’s coming together nicely, with facial expressions as well.”- Hailey B

“CSOPA’s very entertaining.  Lots of long hours which makes school a struggle but always worth it.” – Carmen

“I enjoy getting to have the new experience of acting, singing, and dancing on my knees.” -Caylen

“It’s exciting to be immersed in the main role… also substantially more difficult.” – Jonathon

“Zee CSOPA people are nice because zey like ze piggy music.” – Sebastian

“This year I feel so close with the cast and just enjoy spending time with them.  My favourite part of my day is going to rehearsal.” – Kessia

“Coming into Shrek as a mainstage noob, I was a little nervous because I’ve never been the new kid but I was welcomed with open arms and it was absolutely fantastic.” – Rocky

“The show is going great.  This show is good for me to get out of my comfort zone.” – Meghan

“Being a part of this fabulous show gives me a chance to be a little different than I usually am for a little while, with no worries or concerns.” -Kirsten