January 8, 2014



Lovely.  But crazy.  Crazy for sure.  I honestly cannot believe how close it is til we’re there.  We will have an audience in less than a week.  That’s mind blowing to me.  Today was definitely an exhausting day but worth it.  We started with our usual warm up (running in the rain, stretching and core) and then went straight into run through with the orchestra.  Our energy was low (the whole cast I would have to say), and that was visible to the directors.  For me personally, I felt that my energy was super low and that definitely affected my songs as I slowed them down dramatically.  I felt also, however, that some of my moments I understood more and I was out of my head more too.  Now it’s just getting it so that my moments are always understood but with the level of energy necessary.  I also kind of want my voice back.  To be honest, I think I’d rather be puking intense for one day than to have this sore throat affecting me for a week… actually I don’t think that.  I know that.  Especially in times like this (a week before shows), I really need to be doing it full performance.  Meh.  So drowning myself in tea and trying not to talk and sing if it doesn’t have to do with rehearsal (which is definitely hard cause I’m such a blabber mouth).

We had a lovely visit today from an even lovelier person: Karen Mason-Albert.  If you don’t know her, your life is probably missing a ray of sunshine.  Karen was the one who actually started CSOPA over a decade ago when no one that is currently here was there… including myself, Andrew and Shelley.  The three of us started in Fiddler on the Roof and before that Annie (2000), The Music Man (2001), The Wiz (2002), Peter Pan (2002), Singin’ in the Rain (2003) and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat (2004) was all Karen’s doing!  You may know her now as an instructor at Project Dance.  She was there for the first bit of second act including the tap number which was pretty scary to perform for her. Karen is majorly talented at all dances including tap so needless to say I was a bit nervous.  But I definitely had missed seeing her smiling face and getting her big hugs!  Visit more Karen! 🙂

Finally, today was the built up day… THE KISS BETWEEN FIONA AND SHREK.  I had been wondering when it was going to happen and so I texted my director and he gave the suggestion that I just kiss him instead of making it more than it is by building up suspense and putting together an extra rehearsal for it or whatever.  SO today when the scene came I just grabbed Shrek’s face and kissed him.  It was really funny though because he totally pulled away and Andrew had told me to hold it for three mississippi’s so I had to stagger forward as he drew back to keep kissing him for that long.  No one knew it was going to happen except Andrew, Lisa B, Rocky and I.  I find it interesting though how much some people get awkward about it.  I was talking to Jonathon and I really appreciated how he mentioned that it didn’t mean anything because it was just a stage kiss WHICH IS SO TRUE.  I’ve heard of people whose boyfriends get mad at them when they have to have a stage kiss with someone else…. Like I get that people don’t want to see their loved one kissing someone else but the thing is it’s not Brittany and Jonathan kissing.  It’s Shrek and Fiona.

WHOO HOO.  SO this was a long one but now I’m off.  Still deciding if I’m heading back to UBC tonight or tomorrow early morning… But for now.  Goodnight to everybody and I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know how our second run through with orchestra (and our last rehearsal in this space) goes.

Night night,

Sleep tight.