January 9, 2014

Well today marks the last day rehearsing at CSOPA for Shrek… and for me, forever.  If it wasn’t my last show I know it would be complete excitement but because it is my last show it’s a mixture of sadness and excitement… which are two completely opposite feelings.  But enough of me being a debbie downer… this show is going to be fantastic and I’m excited to get it to the public!  I’m writing this Friday morning because Thursday after rehearsal and after doing voice overs and after doing my ritual of sitting with my parents and telling them how awesome rehearsal was, I went to sit down on my bed (with great intentions of writing the blog after a ten minute rest) and instantly fell asleep, which for me is rare because it usually takes me at least an hour to fall asleep.  So I’m writing this blog Friday morning and today we have a day off.  I’m not going to lie, I’m really happy for it.  I plan on not talking or singing all day.  I know Andrew suggested we come in and practice but I know if I went in I’d be tempted to sing for three hours and I know the best thing I can do right now is to give my voice a rest.  I will be going over my script and tapping though.  I hope everybody has a restful day and spends some time with the people you’ve had to ignore for the last month and will have to ignore for the next month (friends, boyfriends, family) but also make sure you get some sleep and some rehearsal in!


Today marks 5 days until our first audience!  I’m sorry what?  Yeah, I should probably repeat that because I didn’t even believe it the first time I said that.  FIVE DAYS AND THE CULTURAL CENTRE WILL (hopefully) BE FILLED WATCHING OUR SHOW!!!!!  CRAZY.  WONDERFUL.  SCARY.  EPIC.  HEART-QUICKENING.  Rehearsal was very good today in my opinion.  I think all of us could’ve raised our energy but there was moments being made that were never there before, voices are getting stronger and choreo is getting cleaner.  It’s also getting a lot more comfortable with the band.  Obviously it’s hard going from the exact same music every day to a live band that will slow down or speed up depending on us which gives us the power to slow down or speed up.  This can be a good thing or a bad thing.  For me, I tended to slow the music down without even realizing it while in Morning Person we sped it up.  So it’s just getting used to having the power of the tempo and making sure it stays the same as we always had it.  The band is wonderful at staying with us though and a million apologies to Trischa for every song that I sing for speeding it up and slowing it down.  I pinky swear (hopefully) that I’ll get it by first audience!


I think one other thing our cast is really excited about is the fact that our Q2Q will not be going until midnight because we were lucky enough for it to land on the weekend.  I know that during the Q2Q the energy is insanely high and we’re not even tired at all and then we get home and we immediately pass out and the next day…. well the next morning is not too pleasant.  So for our health and sanity I’m really glad that it won’t go too late.  I’m such a morning person (hehe show joke) and literally I usually go to bed at around 10, even on weekends, so I’m trying really hard to learn how to stay up late the last couple of weeks.  I’ve been training myself so that I won’t be exhausted when it comes to the late techs and shows that I won’t be asleep during intermission.





-Things to entertain yourselves silently when not needed

-A positive attitude

-A healthy body and mind

-Robes, makeup, skins



Can’t wait!!!!