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So I’ve had numerous rehearsals that go by quickly but none have ever gone by as quickly as today’s. Seriously, when Lisa (the best stage manager ever) told us this was the last scene we’d be tech-ing because we only had a couple more minutes left I actually thought she meant a couple minutes left until break because I thought there was no way it was almost 6 and that 8 hours had gone by… It literally felt like a 4 hour rehearsal… if that. But it was awesome!


The day started off with us putting all of our stuff into the dressing rooms which was organized to perfection with a square section taped off for each cast member, with their picture on the mirror to identify whose square is whose square and a box for each cast member to put our smaller supplies like shoes, tights, and masks in. Thanks Lisa and AnneLise for organizing it so well! Afterwards, we got a couple of talks about how today will go, what to expect, what’s expected from us, etc. Then we labeled which side our props go on and just an extra tidbit here: the props are amazing. Seriously. I’m not going to give away anything but make sure that when you come you keep an eye out on the three pig’s luggage. It’s brilliant. And so is the props head: Lisa Glover. *Insert a huge round of applause for this wonderful woman*.


Afterwards we started on our Q2Q (Cue to cue). For those who don’t know what that is, it’s literally what is sounds like. We go from cue to cue and work the transitions with everything involved. This includes set change cues, light cues, sound cues, etc. I’ve heard of some cue to cues lasting only two hours (and by some I mean one or two in my whole life) and I’ve heard of some lasting up to three long days! The actual cue to cue part of today lasted just under six hours to get to the end of Morning Person. We got all the harder set changes out of the way today though so tomorrow will probably go by a lot faster, giving us the chance to do a tech run.


GAH. 4 days until our first audience. Once I did the count down to put it down in the blog today I literally started tearing up (no tears actually fell though) and then felt like throwing up. Man, I’m such a baby. I’m just going to miss this cast, this show, these directors and CSOPA like mad. I actually wish I could pause time. So if anyone has a life remote you know where to contact me.


Still waiting for my Prince Charming



Wait… Awkward.

Sorry, sometimes I get confused between who I actually am. Brittany. Not Fiona. Brittna maybe? Fiottany?


Brittany out.