January 12, 2014

Today was a bit of a longer day than yesterday but still just as fun!  We started right at ten to finish the Q2Q.  The second part of Q2Q went by in about two hours.  I think this was because we were all more comfortable with the stage, the set pieces, and moving them.  I think it was also because the show has less challenging set moves in the second act because we no longer have the tower or Lord Farquaad’s set piece.  We finished that and had our break 1-2 and 2-3 we started getting our mics on.  It feels kind of weird because last year Rocky and I were doing the mics for almost this exact same cast and this year we’re performing with them.  It was a bit more challenging this year though as a lot of the cast members have masks as their fairy tale creatures.

After prop check and mic check we started on our tech run.  Once again, just in case you don’t know what a tech run is (and even some of the cast didn’t so don’t worry), it can be looked at from two ways:

1) A run through adding everything that we worked with at Q2Q such as orchestra, sound effects, lighting, and set, OR:

2) A run of the complete show simply with no hair, makeup or costumes.

The tech run went pretty smoothly. I think we only had to stop a couple of times which is pretty good. One was the change into the tower scene because it requires seven different actions:

1) Lift Maddy onto the tower

2) Move Farquaad’s tower

3) Red curtain down

4) Duloc fly up

5) Move tower forward

6) Door fly down

7) Red curtain up

*Not necessarily in that order*.

I was trying to keep up with the orders that Lisa was giving the backstage crew but then gave up.  The backstage crew is rocking it though.  It basically keeps our whole crew busy and working to make that transition happen in probably under 20ish seconds.

Another interesting thing that happened was at the start of the second act.  There’s a time during my song that I throw an object (you’ll have to come see the show to see what object it is) offstage.  It hit the fire curtain control or something that triggered to the curtain to fall.  Under normal circumstances, the fire curtain will only fall if there is a fire in the theatre.  I felt like such a doofus because really… who could that happen to besides me?  Like there’s tons of space for it to go but it hits the one small space that’s going to take us a good ten/fifteen minutes to stop and fix.  *Insert slow claps for Brittany*

One thing that was challenging was the whole cast couldn’t hear the band.  But half way through, when they got the chance to ask us how it was, they turned up the volume and added two more monitors.  That definitely helped and I’m thinking they’re putting some more for tomorrow because it was still kind of hard to hear!

Anyways, it’s literally 9:30pm and I am ready to pass out.  Tomorrow is dress rehearsal so make sure you bring everything you need!



Britt (: