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January 13, 2014

Dress rehearsal numero one!

I’M POOPED.  We started off two hours earlier than we usually do in previous years and still didn’t get out until 11:15.  I think it’s because there’s a ton more technical additions to this show as well as fast costume and makeup changes.  No fire curtains were dropped today though (yay!).

Costumes look amazing!  Wow.  Like seriously.  I feel like I’ve entered a fairy tale story every time I see all the characters.  I think the fairy tale creatures’ costumes are my favourite to be perfectly honest…. although the ogres are pretty awesome too!  I think the only thing I’m a little disappointed about is that the Fiona’s aren’t redheads but I understand the reasoning behind it (we’re all blonde as it is and the two younger ones would have too fast of a quick change to go from their other characters into wig caps then wigs then back out for the next song. And the audience still understands that it’s Fiona.  I guess I was just excited to be a flaming redhead… hehe.

Turning green in a mere matter of a couple seconds was interesting though.  They had to quickly paint it all on and then put my fat ogre nose on.  I’m so scared to get the beautiful white wedding dress green in the process though.

Today was also the first day I flew!  I’m sorry what?!  Yeah that’s right.  I definitely get to fly in this show.  Where?  At what part?  Man looks like you’ll have to come see the show to find out… also just to see me fly… also cause the show is awesome.  So many reasons to come see the show!  Needless to say it was poop-my-pants worthy the first time (or couple of times) but now it’s pretty fun.  It feels exactly how I feel when I zip-line… except I’m going straight up and not diagonally down… okay so it doesn’t feel the exact same at all… it’s just the harness is the exact same BUT STILL COOL.

In other news:

– Jonathon got a buzz cut!  In Caylen’s wise words: “The military: that’s what makes a girl, a man”

– Our backstage crew and whole tech crew is awesome so thank you muchly for everything you’ve done so far.  It’s greatly appreciated.

– It’s easier to go from pale to green but not as easy from green to pale.

– We’re no longer allowed to hit each other’s butts (definitely was the rule from the start as CSOPA has a hands-off policy… we’re just so close and like hurting each other… awkward).  Not going to lie it’s hard to remember sometimes.

– Mr. October is doing great.  His fourth leg (although previously wounded) is being looked after with great care.

– I definitely, upon removal of my longer skirt, threw it on Kessia and Olivia’s lovely faces… Whoopsie.  I need to take better aim with things I throw.

Anyways I’m on frozen ice duty tomorrow after classes at U to the B to the C so I best be getting to bed.  Those 50 pounds of ice aren’t going to take themselves to Chilliwack… I also have a dress rehearsal.  So should maybe get some sleep for that too.  Hmmm… now would be a good time for some dinner too.  And tea… and coffee… and bed… and Shrek… and coffee… and Shrek…

ALSO as I was typing that I realized I felt insanely bad for even just pretending that I have the slightest reason to be tired when there are crazy awesome people like Lisa Braun and Andrew Smith who literally do not sleep.  Like I know you think that’s an exaggeration but I swear if they get half of what we get a night I’m pretty sure they’d be thankful.  And yet they put up with us and get a million other things done too.  Thank God for them and many others and thank God for the caffeine that somehow keeps them alive.