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January 14, 2014

Well I’m not going to lie, today was a bit more of a bummer.  Basically every time I stepped on stage I screwed up.  Or some aspect of my performance didn’t work like me tripping to the ground in tap, my tap coming off of my shoe resulting in me tapping in one character shoe (highly unbalanced which is especially hard for a klutz like me), or the lift not working.  So I guess the start of this blog is an apology to the cast for not upping my game tonight.

Today was our second dress rehearsal and our last empty house (hopefully, hehe).  The show previews tomorrow and Thursday, with two school shows Thursday and Friday and then opening on Friday night!  Make sure to get your tickets because they’re probably going to go pretty quickly!  Today was a lot like yesterday (aka dress rehearsal number TWO) except it was just another chance to go over and smooth things over.  We added a couple things such as extra padding to the ogress, Shrek’s bald cap, etc.  I think once we get an audience our energy will pick up… which I know shouldn’t be the case.  We should still be 100% whether there’s 600 people, 300 people or 0 people but I feel like we’ve gotten to a point where we’re standing still and, besides some of the technical aspects, we now need audience and the feedback to start getting into it even more.  If that makes sense… a lot of this may not make sense cause I’m pooper-scoopered (Fiona talk for tired) so forgive me if it’s rambling nonsense.

Actually now that I’m really thinking of it I don’t know if I want an audience yet.  I feel like in some senses I’m totally ready for it and want to show this show to as many people as I can.  Then on the other side I’m like… can we have a couple more dress rehearsals… or months.  Like wasn’t it September last week?  Are you kidding me, we’re done this show in less than two weeks?  Excuse me while I bawl my eyes out. LIKE WHAT.  I’m sorry to spend so much time on this but what. I will probably have a paragraph in each blog just dedicated to me not understanding how it’s already January and we already have an audience… just warning you.

Just a special word out to our awesome makeup team for making everything look so wonderful from ugly ogres to beautiful fairies and princesses to pigs and bears and everywhere in between.  The cast greatly appreciates it.

I’m off to bed now. Princesses need to get their beauty sleep.


Princess Fiona