27 December 2013

First day back from our three day break and, as much as I loved spending time with the family and having time to relax, I started to get bored. So first of all let me wish everybody a Merry Christmas and I hope you all had great holidays. Today we had a full day with a full cast and ended the rehearsal with the full staff. We finished our second time through the whole show and starting tomorrow the arts centre walls with be ringing with over 25 songs, the floors will be conjoining with our feet to make music and the air with be filled with Shrek and Fiona’s delicious burps. Basically, starting tomorrow we begin our run-throughs. Today we also added a fun new aspect: drums. I don’t mean a simple drum sound affect on our marvelous sound system… no siree, I mean our talented Maxwell Glover (one of zee piggies) who is rocking out on the drum set for our final song and who is breaking fairy tale creatures hearts left, right and centre. This did mean, however, that the whole cast got a late Christmas gift: earplugs. There are so many wonderful moments happening and light bulbs going off in rehearsal. Now, the only thing to  make sure of is that our health stays up. So I’m currently in bed at 8:42 with a tea and some lemon water beside me. Make sure you are all getting sleep, water, and nutrition.