29 December 2013

(video credit to Josh Robinson)

What another lovely rehearsal!  We started with our regular warm-up (see previous blog entry) but instead of 1 minute of each exercise with a minute break, we did two sets of 30 seconds each with no break…  I still haven’t decided which ones burns more but I’ll let you know tomorrow.  After the warm up / boot camp / death by exercise, or whatever you’d like to call it, we were either working with Shelley on our choreography, Nicole on our makeup (who changed us into donkeys, ogres, and little scary kings), or on our own going over the notes.  As I’m only in three of the dances, and only needed to get a nose fit for my ogre-ness, I had basically the whole morning to work by myself.  I had already gone over the notes so I spent the two hours drinking tea, stretching (which felt so good to get a solid hour stretch in) while reading my script and re-going over my notes.  We then did our run through and we started with low energy but it may just be because we had just gotten off of our lunch break and we were a bit unfocused.  For me, however, I felt far better about this run-through than yesterdays.  I’m not sure if today I was just on my game or if yesterday I was off my game or a mixture of both but there were definitely moments today where a couple of things clicked and it just felt right.  There’s a quote up in CSOPA that I really love:

“Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.”

I know that I still need to practice every chance I get because if I am able to have an off day I haven’t put in enough practice.  Every audience pays the same price, will tell the same amount of people their opinion (whether good or bad), and deserve just as good of a performance as others.  That’s why it’s so important to make sure your good moments don’t happen by chance.  You need to know how you got those good moments, then practice it so those moments happen every time.  Tomorrow is our last day before our final break before go-go-go-never-stop time.  So drink your tea, take your oregano shots and go to bed!

Ps. Happy birthday to our Mama Ogre and Gingy, Avianna!