Last day before New Years Eve!  Today was a lot like the others: run, stairs, core, burpees, stretching, etc.  We then got our notes from our run through yesterday and worked through them until lunch break.  Some people worked with Andrew on blocking or intentions, some people worked with Shelley on sharpening the choreography, some people worked with Lisa on harmonies and harder vocal parts, and some people worked by themselves on lines and other notes.  After lunch we started our run through.  For me, I really thought I was going to be under energy as I had to get up at 5:30 to take my best friend and previous CSOPA student, Krista Skwarok, to the airport.  In my opinion though, it was one of my best runs so far.  And possibly, it was most – if not all – people’s best run.  The energy was incredibly higher than previous times and that undeniably made a big difference in numerous aspects of the show.  Every time that the fairy tale creatures do “Story of my Life” or “Freak Flag” I sit and watch because I love it.  Today, however, I actually could not take my eyes off for one second because the amount of energy that each performer put in and the amount they invested in the scene was incredible.  We also tried out Lord Farquaad’s horse, Miley, which was delivered just yesterday and costs a quarter to ride.  I’m feeling pretty good about the shape we’re in considering where we are.  People are starting to understand their characters and their voices are getting stronger.  Our harmonies are coming together and the show is starting to cue up.  After the run through ended, we went through notes from Lisa and Shelley, and Andrew’s notes went from 18 pages (yesterday) to 7 (today)!!!!!  I’m excited that once our two day break is over, we’ll be in the home stretch, where everyone will be rehearsing and performing at the top of their game.  But somewhat sad that in less than a month it’ll be all over.

A couple things to remember while we’re on our two day break:

-It is not a break from practicing… just a break from practicing at CSOPA.

-Every cast member should still be putting work in.

-We need to come back to rehearsal not where we were, but where we can be after today.

-Full energy will be necessary from here on in and things that help with that is: getting as much sleep as possible, eating nutrient rich food, drinking lots of fluids (water, tea, etc), cutting back / elimination of refined sugar and processed foods, cutting back / elimination of stress, and DON’T spend the break shouting, screaming, or partying too hard.