Well today was interesting!  We came to CSOPA to find out that the director for the day would be the lovely Lisa as our director was out sick.  And by sick, I mean deathly sick.  In the ten years I have been at CSOPA I do not think I can remember a time where he called in sick… he even came in at the end to watch the second act of run through with a mask over his face so he wouldn’t get the rest of the cast sick.  So to start off the day we did the run and the core strengthening just like before but then we were lucky enough to get to experience a yoga session with Lisa.  Needless to say, I think the yoga was good for us to all refocus and de-stress.  The next couple of hours were spent working and cleaning specific dances and songs.  Now that I think of it though, maybe it relaxed us a bit too much though because our energy was kind of like a roller coaster through the run of our show.  Or maybe it was because it was our first day back after break.  Whatever our reasons were, we all know that a run like today’s can’t happen again.  I saw the energy drop and raise when I was watching from the audience and I also felt the energy drop and raise for my scenes.  Some of our work was the best it’s ever been such as:

Carmen pulling out the sass and power house singing.

Kessia’s super duper belt of her super duper high note.

Jonathan’s starting of the show with insane energy even though he’s feeling a little under the weather.

However, there were also some moments that we’ve worked on that were not there today.  I remember reminding myself at the start of the year how quickly it goes by and I was not wrong.  I was talking with Rocky today and she mentioned that the sitzprobe was tomorrow and that just kind of blew my mind away. I mean, I knew that we were nearing the end but once you add in the band things only fast forward to the power of infinity from there.  I’m just going to warn everybody, especially those who have yet to see me cry, that I will be bawling so hard on closing night that my fake eyelashes will fall off.

Anyways, basically today was a getting-back-in-to-it-day and tomorrow we need to bring our A game.  Energy up.  No more excuses.  From here on in, we’re in it to win it.

Drink tea.

Eat spinach.

Go to bed.