(video credit: Joshua Robinson)

January 4, 2014

Before I start the explanation of what this lovely day contained I just wanted to make an observation. I’m pretty sure that our cast is basically living and breathing CSOPA because whenever I ask somebody what day it is, nobody knows… because it simply doesn’t matter what day it is. We have CSOPA all day every day and even when it’s the weekend, it’s not at all different than if it were a Tuesday. And to me, that means that our cast is doing a good job of making our lives revolve around CSOPA.

Okay on to today.

Sitzprobe numero deux.

The amount of talent in the band is crazy; it ranges from high school students to music teachers to professional musicians. And we can not forget mentioning the wonderful conductor: Trischa Buhler. I worked with her last year and she’s basically the best person ever. This is her second year conducting for CSOPA and needless to say we’re thankful for having such a talented conductor/musician join our team.

The tap is coming together, the harmonies are coming together, and the lines are coming together. There are some people I know that they’re just content with getting to a specific spot and then simply staying at a plateau. I love CSOPA because, even if the cast wanted to and weren’t willing to work until the last second, our directors wouldn’t let us just laze out when we haven’t reached our full potential. The amount that people grow at CSOPA (if they’re willing to put in the effort) is immense. We have an all star team of directors who are there and willing to help you reach the places you want to get. We have a supportive cast and we have the tools available to us to improve in all aspects of musical theatre. I feel like if people say that they haven’t learned anything it’s because they didn’t put the effort in to learn it. Just like anything, there are always lessons to learn and it’s always dependant on what you put in for what you get out. Just my thought for the night.

ANYWHO, it’s time for me to skiddaddle off this blog. I have a wedding party to go to for former CSOPA student Caroline Davies (congratulations to her and Ben who are the cutest couple ever), and then practicing at home, tea, theory and an early start to bed.