January 5, 2014

Last day of Christmas break.  I have heard numerous groans and may have inserted a couple of whiny remarks myself.  So begins the commute and the homework for the five minute intervals our cast isn’t on stage.  I think a lot of people really disagreed with me about doing this show… some because they were looking out for my sanity, some for various other reasons.  Everyone thought I was going to have a mental break down or that I was going to miss the best parts of university.  As far as I’m concerned, the things I saw everyone else doing were partying and sleeping in through classes.  I’d rather be at CSOPA any day rather than doing that, so I definitely don’t care if I missed “the best parts”.  And I didn’t have a mental breakdown (knock on wood) so double win.  ANYWAYS, what I’m trying to say is I really have nothing to complain about.  People thought I would hate the commute or hate missing frat parties but I really don’t mind it because it’s for something I love.


We started our mornings like all the others except our core exercises went from one minute each to 75 seconds each… I’m scared/excited to see what time we’ll be at by the end of the show.  After working and tightening pieces and songs we started our four hours with the band.  This time though, it was more choreography based.  We still sang, but this time the dance moves were added in which just takes the wow-factor and the difficulty factor up a notch.

Some interesting random things about today’s rehearsal:

-Raven informed me on what a tote bag is… apparently not a toe bag.

-The younger ones of our family are making everyone stellar elastic band bracelets and rings… like seriously… they’re ridiculously awesome.

-Rocky fell asleep and was out stone cold.  The stage manager couldn’t even wake her.

-Kessia has a stellar belt.

-I took an oregano shot again today so I’m pretty sure nobody can stand within a twenty foot radius of me.

-Survey is out for UFV/Cultural Centre debate.  Make sure to give your opinions!

After rehearsal most of our cast decided to put on the Shrek songs and do the dances (attempt to do would be a more accurate description) to the songs we’re not even in.  Duloc was definitely interesting and then there were about 20 dragons rocking the vocals on Forever.

To put it simply, CSOPA was awesome today.  And I swear Andrew doesn’t pay me to promote CSOPA… I just really like it and I’ve realized that I say that it’s wonderful so much that I’m basically their walking and talking advertisement.

Also random but make sure if you make any tweets or statuses, post any pictures or do anything social media related to Shrek, hashtag #CSOPAShrek so we can all see it later.