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January 2014

SHREK Rehearsal Journal #12

By |January 9th, 2014|

January 8, 2014



Lovely.  But crazy.  Crazy for sure.  I honestly cannot believe how close it is til we’re there.  We will have an audience in less than a week.  That’s mind blowing to me.  Today […]

SHREK Rehearsal Journal #11

By |January 7th, 2014|

January 7, 2014

So today was our last clean up day before run throughs with the band begin.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there as I have a class that I lose 5% with every absence and considering I’m missing four of those classes as it is for shows, Andrew let me attend today so that my […]

SHREK Rehearsal Journal #10

By |January 7th, 2014|

January 6, 2014

First day back to school which means less hours at CSOPA which means days are a bit more boring.  Today was crazy at CSOPA though as all the other classes start up again this week.  There were parents and kids and backpacks galore. I love to see how much CSOPA has grown in […]

SHREK Rehearsal Journal #9

By |January 7th, 2014|

January 5, 2014

Last day of Christmas break.  I have heard numerous groans and may have inserted a couple of whiny remarks myself.  So begins the commute and the homework for the five minute intervals our cast isn’t on stage.  I think a lot of people really disagreed with me about doing this show… some because […]

SHREK Rehearsal Journal #8

By |January 4th, 2014|

(video credit: Joshua Robinson)

January 4, 2014

Before I start the explanation of what this lovely day contained I just wanted to make an observation. I’m pretty sure that our cast is basically living and breathing CSOPA because whenever I ask somebody what day it is, nobody knows… because it simply doesn’t matter what day it is. […]

SHREK Rehearsal Journal #7

By |January 4th, 2014|


(video credit: Joshua Robinson)

January 3, 2014

You know what’s even more “oh-my-gosh-we’re-actually-almost-at-opening-night” besides the day before sitzprobe?  It’s the actual day OF sitzprobe and that, ladies and gentlemen, was today!  We started the day off with our usual run, stairs, and stretching.  The core exercise today was a bit different… a bit harder I should say. […]

SHREK Rehearsal Journal #6

By |January 3rd, 2014|

Well today was interesting!  We came to CSOPA to find out that the director for the day would be the lovely Lisa as our director was out sick.  And by sick, I mean deathly sick.  In the ten years I have been at CSOPA I do not think I can remember a time where he […]

SHREK Rehearsal Journal #5

By |January 1st, 2014|

Last day before New Years Eve!  Today was a lot like the others: run, stairs, core, burpees, stretching, etc.  We then got our notes from our run through yesterday and worked through them until lunch break.  Some people worked with Andrew on blocking or intentions, some people worked with Shelley on sharpening the choreography, some […]

December 2013

SHREK Rehearsal Journal #4

By |December 30th, 2013|

29 December 2013

(video credit to Josh Robinson)

What another lovely rehearsal!  We started with our regular warm-up (see previous blog entry) but instead of 1 minute of each exercise with a minute break, we did two sets of 30 seconds each with no break…  I still haven’t decided which ones burns more but I’ll let you […]

December 2013

SHREK Rehearsal Journal #3

By |December 29th, 2013|

RUN-THROUGH DAY!!! … and by run-through, I mean stumble through. I don’t know if I’m remembering incorrectly but I’m almost 100% sure for past first run-throughs, we stopped a lot more times than we did today. We started with our daily warm-up and by warm-up I mean boot camp. Here is what an example of […]